Liquid Organic Fertilizers

AgroThrive, Inc. is a liquid organic fertilizer manufacturer that takes high nutrient value organic waste, exposes it to all possible forms of digestion and ends the process with high temperature, followed by 100 mesh cold filtration making all products compatible with any irrigation system. Our nutrient rich liquid organic fertilizers feed and protect plants by providing a wide array of nutrients for both plants and plant beneficial microbes. We have been in business since 2006.

PDP: The Sustainable Solution for Handling Industrial Food Waste

Industrial food waste has been a burden for every sector involved: concentrated animal feeding operations, food processors, local waste collectors, and above all – our environment. Traditional disposal methods all have their own environmental risks as highlighted in this video. Meanwhile, traditional agriculture practices have depleted our soils of organic matter, and farmers are continuously looking for new ways to replenish their soil with organics and microbial life.

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AgroThrive Liquid Organic Fertilizer


General Purpose

Liquid Fertilizer Nutrient Enhanced


Nutrient Enhanced

Liquid Fertilizer PLUS


Nutrient Enhanced

Liquid Fertilizer Potassium Enhanced


Potassium Enhanced

Liquid Fertilizer Phosphorus Enhanced


Phosphorous Enhanced

Liquid Fertilizer Calcium Enhanced


+1% Ca

Calcium Enhanced

Plant Benefits

AgroThrive is a liquid organic fertilizer supplier whose products stimulate the growth of root hairs and evoke microbial activity in soil to help with the nutrient release and absorption efficiency. Recent research by our scientists showed that plantlet roots grown on AgroThrive (AT) LF were covered with AT microbes [Click for microbes]. In addition, AT microbes colonized phloem cells of roots establishing a symbiotic relationship with their host plants [Click for colonization]. As a result, plants experience vigorous root growth, better foliage, less stress, better disease resistance, and ultimately better yields.



is to be the trusted partner and technical resource to certified organic and sustainable growers in pursuit of high quality, nutritious, and safe food. At AgroThrive we are dedicated to continued research and development of new, innovative, and technologically advanced liquid organic fertilizer products that contribute to overall betterment of soil fertility, soil structure, and environmental stewardship.

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Environmental Compatibility

Our proprietary Progressive Digestion Process (PDP) is environmentally compatible technology that harnesses the power of natural microbial and enzymatic digestion of organic wastes from industrial food processing operations in production of AgroThrive liquid organic fertilizers. Rather than going into landfills, organic waste used by AgroThrive amounts to the prevention of over 75 million cubic feet of methane release into the atmosphere annually. We are liquid organic fertilizer suppliers with long-term sustainability in mind.

Reduced Nitrate Leaching

AgroThrive has shown to reduce nitrate use by up to 25% while retaining or increasing yields. In addition, increased microbial respiration in soil helps immobilize nitrates thus reducing their leaching out during irrigation.

Reduced Water Use

Research shows that organic fertilizers contribute to improved soil structure and water retention. Our greenhouse testing showed that using AgroThrive LF facilitated up to 20% reduction of water use.

100% Solar Powered

Our facility in California is powered by 2.5 acres of solar panels completely replacing our traditional electric power needs.


Food Safety & Quality Assurance

AgroThrive, Inc. is the only organic bio-fertilizer manufacturer that uses HACCP, a food safety technology reserved for production of food for human consumption. Our PDP process delivers pathogen kill several times that of traditional composting. In addition, our QA program includes complete pathogen and nutrient analyses of every lot with a hold and release program and a computerized trace back system in place. A heavy metals analysis and Nitrogen 14 to Nitrogen 15 ratio for organic integrity is provided every 3 months.