AgroThrive is built on the belief that all organic wastes can be converted to safe and nutritious organic fertilizers.

Dragan Macura (M. Sc.) founder and CEO, has taken his passion for food safety, organic integrity, and environmental stewardship to a professional level establishing AgroThrive Inc. in Salinas Valley, CA in 2006.  AgroThrive is built around family values. Dragan’s two sons have been part of AgroThrive since its inception, and are actively involved in day to day operations.

AgroThrive has also partnered with other equally passionate, well educated, talented, and energetic professionals to help lead the company. Everyone at AgroThrive shares the belief that the future of agriculture lies in reducing reliance on chemical and synthetic fertilizers while increasing organic inputs for improved tilth and soil health.

Progressive Digestion Process (PDP), the main technology behind AgroThrive, is the scientific bridge between industrial food waste and liquid organic fertilizer in 21 days. PDP harnesses the digesting power of microbes in spoiled organic wastes, creates biological heat that eliminates all pathogens, and reduces reliance on chemicals in soil. Our organic ingredients include concentrated plant proteins, fish and seafood waste, and other nutrients. PDP has the unique ability to use hard to handle organic materials and transform them into beneficial organic fertilizers. Thus, PDP is an innovative technology closing the loop between food waste and food production. AgroThrive is used on both certified organic and conventional acreage.

AgroThrive is proud to play a significant part in environmental stewardship. The quality of the food we eat is very important, and so is the impact we leave on the environment. That’s why our goal is to build a better world for us today, and for our children and grandchildren tomorrow by reducing reliance on heavy chemical and pesticide use in agriculture. Our facility in Salinas Valley, CA is also completely solar powered.

For nearly 10 years AgroThrive has grown by word of mouth, as our faithful customers continue to expand their operations and recommend AgroThrive to others. Our customers are key members of the AgroThrive’s extended family and a major component of our continued success.

If you would like to try AgroThrive please contact us at admin@agrothrive.com