Our Process

Progressive Digestion Process

PDP is the scientific bridge between industrial food waste & Liquid organic fertilizers in just 21 days

Our products are made by proprietary Progressive Digestion Process (PDP), an environmentally responsible technology. PDP harnesses the natural digestion of organic ingredients to create biological heat which eliminates all pathogens. Our nutrient-rich ingredients include concentrated plant proteins, fish, seafood, and other food industry waste. Any organic material that can be blended with liquids is a good input candidate.

We practice the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety system in all aspects of our business. Our production process is independent third party validated by a thermal process authority, making it fully compatible with the Leafy Green Marketing Agreement rules for treatment of organic inputs. It is also fully National Organic Program compliant, making AgroThrive products acceptable for use by certified organic, sustainable, and conventional growers.

At AgroThrive quality control begins by evaluation and nutritional analysis of raw materials. According to the nutritional content of incoming organic materials each AgroThrive product is carefully formulated to ensure constant nutritional content and product consistency. PDP facilitates conversion of raw inputs to finished products that are pathogen free, plant available, and compatible with all irrigation systems.

After the process is complete each batch is assigned a unique lot number, two identical samples are withdrawn and stored in our quality assurance laboratory for shelf life monitoring and verification. Our processing, quality assurance, and sales records are computerized for a complete electronic trace-back.

A separate sample is withdrawn aseptically from each lot and analyzed for E. coli O157:H7, EHEC, Salmonella, Fecal Coliforms, and Listeria by a federally approved, independent, commercial laboratory.